Blog Post- MC 2035 Digital Profile Assignment

Taco Bell is known for interacting with the public through social media and have been mentioned by celebrities such as the likes of Tyler the Creator, Chrissy Teigen and Drake Bell. By tweeting and replying to tweets, they gain a much more personable presence on social media. People begin to @ them with the hopes of being retweeted, responded to, maybe even followed. Because they are “funny,” they have a greater platform to make Taco Bell liked, if not for the food at least for their sense of humor.
The people behind the company’s twitter are more than likely aware of what people find funny by the things they tweet about, like and retweet. this platform enables just that for many businesses’ digital brand; to have a relevant and ongoing presence and show a more active and personable side to the company in ways that other types of media, like a poster board, may not have the ability to be as interactive.  One way they could be more successful in doing this is replying to people who have negative things to say also, in a humorous way. All the initial tweets I found that they replied to were positive feedback. How will they respond to the other spectrum? It wouldn’t necessarily have to be rude, but more so playful banter.