Sampling; The Album About Nothing

In this instance, Washington hip-hop artist Wale creates an entire album inspired by the nineties comedy sitcom Seinfeld.

Each song begins with a scene from Seinfeld which goes on to set the tone of the entire track, with constant references to the themes explored in that particular episode.

On The White Shoes, it begins with a quote from Jerry;

I had a lady once stop me on the street. I was wearing white shoes. And she says, “I’m glad you’re sticking with the white shoes.” She says, “It makes me feel good.”

Wale goes on to rap about what white shoes mean to him, and more broadly how the chase for lavishness in the hood can be misguiding and a false indication of status.

By incorporating elements of a classic sitcom Wale is able to capture an older audience in addition to today’s hip hop fans; form a bridge between a global icon and pressing identity issues people face today.

Below is a video of Jerry Seinfeld and Wale discussing what shoes mean to them individually.





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